About Express Plus

Express Plus is the ultimate in Food Delivery apps. It combines all three in one and makes the app not just a job but an actual experience that is fun to do! How many of you are tired of the same old app pick up and drop off drop off and pickup and drop off. If you are a customer it gives you all three in one. Get the App today! If your a driver the wear and tear on your vehicle is extensive and it can be somewhat dangerous being on the road so long. Now you have the ability to do things and get paid that keeps you off the road a little longer still getting paid.
Express Plus Food Delivery is Always Fresh. The advantage is that you can eat in foods from the restaurants that are the Healthier choices on the menu. Why not look great, stay in shape and enjoy delicious good food right to your door. Also, really help your local restaurant as most app stake up to 40% of all food profits from them. Express Plus takes 0. We leave 100% profits with the restaurants. It’s always fresh and gives back to your community with stronger restaurants. I have seen first hand what the other guys do. I have seen a family meal of burgers sit for over an hour before being picked up by a driver with no heat lamps on the burgers. I have seen countless orders sitting for periods of time as the app tries to get a Driver there. Not only is this dangerous and unhealthy but in all regards it should be illegal. We order and pick up your food when we get to the restaurants making sure it is the freshest and safest it could ever be.You will taste the difference. Why not get what you are paying for? You will not even be charged until the Plus Driver arrives at the restaurant and we pay just like you would. Don’t get sick with the other guys and have your food get cold and sit on a shelf Always get Fresh food with us.

Express Plus To Get is unique as we are quicker and faster than UPS or FedEx or even Amazon or any other delivery service. We Don’t ship from any location. We help you by minimizing your risk and picking up things you need from every store that’s open. No more waiting for days to get what you want. We will pick it up within our guidelines. Use us to bring what you need from the stores around you directly to your door minimizing the time it takes to shop for more fun at home or doing something else. A good chunk of your life is spent just getting basic things and now more than ever you need to be safe. Let us do it for you. Just put in an estimated amount and we will text you with the actual price and receipt once we purchase it and bring it to you.

Express Plus Service​ is unique and now available by region only. Have some services that need to be done at your home? Let us weed, clean, pet sit or even do our socials for anyone that craves adventure and several other approved services. We are background checked for safety and we bring the very best help to your door. Let us help you get some approved work done as we get paid by the hour. Check out this part of the app for more information. It is an amazing way to get the things done that you just don’t have time for. Let us help you!