Join the Plus Drivers Team

Join the Plus Drivers team right now as we excitedly open all over the United States and eventually the world. Be the first of the new Plus Drivers by reserving your spot with the $5 Admin/Card fee. This gets you your very own personalized card sent to your address and ready to go when enough Plus Drivers are signed up in your area. Then it goes live! We may have a waiting list so be the first to join! This is an adventure in the App business not like the boring other guys. Once the required amount of Plus Drivers are signed up in your area the app goes Live! Be a pioneer and the first to say you were the first of the Plus Drivers for the amazing Express Plus app that makes it fun for you and helps those in your community with giving higher profits to restaurants and doing more with service and getting things from the stores. Make money and have fun in this new app adventure! $5 is a very small Admin/Card contribution to start something amazing! SIGN UP IN THE APP NOW!!

** This is a non-refundable fee that pays for the admin sign up, background, and Express Plus Card sent directly to the new Plus Driver. If your background comes back to the point we cannot start you please consider this before signing up. More concerned about Felonies to make sure our community efforts are safe! SIGN UP IN THE APP NOW!

A warm bag is required but you can use your own if you like. Should you wish to purchase a bag you can pay $20 and purchase it here. It is NOT required to purchase a warm bag but is required for delivery. Use your own or we can send one to you for $20 that includes shipping. You can order this in the app if you need one!

Hot Bag Registration

Hot Bag

One Time Admin/Card Set Up Fee

One Time Admin/Card Set Up Fee